Frequently Asked Questions


Some FAQ’s but feel free to send me an email if you cant find the answer to your question…


What if i dont like your text?

Send it back and I’ll work on it again!

And what if i like it but think it needs just a few more changes?

Send it back - we’ll get there!

how many times can i send the text back to you

I would like you to be really happy with it but if after the third time it’s still not working, then it probably won’t. In this case, I will refund you your money.

I’m not 100% sure what to write but i know what i want to ACHIEVE…

In this case you would suit the phone consultation package so we can talk about the situation, figure out what you are trying to achieve and I’ll get writing…

Can you edit personal messages?

Absolutely. This is what the majority of my clients ask for my support with.

how can i be CONFIDENT that my work / text will remain confidential

I use a secure IT system and do not store any personal information my laptop and I delete the text within 72 hours of the job being complete. I am happy to sign any non disclosures, if required.

how QUICKLY will i get my text back?

This largely depends on the volume of work that I have on. I will get back to you with a quote within a couple of hours and for short jobs (up to 100 words) I aim for the turnaround to be between 2-12 hours.

can you help me write my dating profile?

Yes of course, thats my favourite kind of job and a quick FaceTime chat will help me capture a little of your own tone.

do you only write for women?

Definitely not… Most of my clients are men!

can you help me with a whatsapp chat?

Yes, sure. Send me a message with the basic objective of the chat ie. what you are trying to achieve and we will take it from there.

do i pay before or after i receive the text

Before please!

how do I know that you will refund me the money if i don’t like the text you write?

I wouldn’t ever risk my reputation…

can you write my essay / dissertation?

No sorry, nice try though ;-)

can you help with marketing / events?

Sure, I am a Mum so I fit my work around my little girl but I would be more than happy to talk about your deadline and see if I can support you.